August is the perfect time to look around the outside of your business and see if your landscape is reflecting your high standards of care.

Present an Appealing First Impression

Because you are busy running your business, you may not have time to keep up the trees, lawn, flowers and shrubs outside your business location.  The exterior of your business location is the first impression customers have of you and a weedy, messy outside area isn’t what you want customers to see when they visit you.


Do you need new trees or are the existing ones in need of pruning.  Trees that are allowed to go wild look very messy and may need some trimming to make them look neater and more attractive.  Shrubs are great outdoor interest, but they can become overgrown and cover windows and crowd other plants.  A landscape crew can take care of all these problems for you.

Planting and Pruning

Planting trees, shrubs, and seasonal flowers can enhance your outside facade.  Arriving at a business and seeing a beautiful landscape makes people smile and feel good.  In spring, you may like a redbud tree that blooms with deep pink flowers or tulips and daffodils in a planter by the entrance or a garden bed under a window.  Shrubs also provide flowers at different times during the season.

What to Plant

Peonies, azaleas, hydrangeas, and rhododendrons provide late spring color if you have shade in your landscape.  Summer brings hundreds of choices in colors and styles to enhance your entrance, either in pots or in garden beds.  In fall, you may want some chrysanthemums in bright yellows, oranges, and bronzes.

Professional Service

All of this enhances your business and invites customers to visit often to see the seasonal displays.  It also needs maintenance to keep it looking fresh and beautiful, and that is where the professional landscape service comes in and takes complete care of the outside for you.


Gwenlin Property Solutions provides landscape planting and maintenance as well as snow removal, power washing buildings and parking areas, and mowing.