When purchasing new carpet for your home or office, be sure to read the manufacturer’s warranty.  This will tell you what conditions the warranty will cover in the event of a carpet failure.  It will also tell you what conditions you must maintain as the carpet owner to keep from voiding the warranty.

Use Professionals

One of the first things a carpet manufacturer’s warranty tells you is to have the carpets cleaned by professional cleaners.  Requirements for professional cleaning range from every year to every two-three years.  Hire a professional and keep your receipts in case you have an issue and need to prove that you have followed the carpet cleaning requirements.

Beware Carpet Warranty

Failure to clean carpets properly can result in damage to the fibers and backing.  It may be tempting to clean them yourself, but beware, you may be voiding your carpet warranty.  Steam cleaners you rent from the grocery or big box store are not powerful enough to completely rinse and extract shampoo and cleaning solution from the carpet.

Avoid Rented Steam Cleaners

The residue left behind by rented steam cleaners attracts dirt, which will cause your carpet to get dirty again faster.  Store-bought cleaning solutions and spot treatments only remove surface stains, while some of those stains may have seeped clear through the fibers to the backing and pad.  So, a professional cleaning is highly recommended.

Make Your Carpet Last

The professional cleaner combines hot water with safe chemicals that won’t cause damage to deep clean your carpets and any stains or extremely dirty spots.  Then they rinse away all the cleaning product with clear water.  To ensure the cleanest possible carpets and longest life , hire a professional to deep clean your carpets every year.