Image by Sebastian Ganso from Pixabay

As the year transitions from summer to fall, now is the perfect time to think about getting the windows in your home or business cleaned.  This is really a major project if you have many windows and could take a couple of weekends if you do it yourself.  You probably have better things to do on weekends this time of year, so hire a professional cleaning service to do the job for you.

Best Cleaning Practices

Professional services have unique ways to clean your windows.  They have the best solutions, the ladders, sponges, etc. and the personnel to do the job well and quickly. It’s well worth your time to have them do this for you and you will so enjoy being able to see out those fresh clean windows.

Screens & Frames

Professionals not only clean the windows, but they clean the screens, channels, and frames so that everything is sparkling.  Professional cleaners scrub tough stains that simple soap and squeegee don’t remove. Any built-up tree sap or pest droppings will be wiped away and you’ll see clearly through them again.

Problems and Pests

Professionals will get up close and personal with your windows and can notice any poor fitting screens, broken seals, sashes, rotting sills, or dysfunctional windows.  Bees and hornets like to build nests behind window shutters and wasps love to inhabit storm windows.  Ladybugs also like to settle in window channels.  Your professional cleaners spot these pests and remove them from these areas.

Make Your Windows Long-Lasting

Getting your windows cleaned can actually extend the life of your windows by removing smoke film and other contaminants.  Old aluminum screens can deteriorate over time and cause patterns on windows. Hard water stains from sprinklers also leave a film on your windows.  Save yourself the time and trouble of window cleaning by letting professionals cleaners do the job for you.