Keep Employees Healthy During Flu Season

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As a great employer, you care about your employees’ health and wellbeing. Spending 40 hours a week together can make colleagues feel like family. So it’s natural that you want to keep them feeling their best. In addition, healthy employees have lower rates of missed work. This improves productivity at your company. Follow some basic tips to keep your workplace more sanitary and your employees healthy during Montana’s cold and flu season. Employee Health Affects Productivity and Profits Did you know that absences cost U.S. companies more than $40 billion every year? The flu season is a huge contributor to this. And even if employees come to work when they’re sick (which is a big no-no!), their productivity is significantly impacted. That means sick staff should stay home. Plus, you don't want them to get your other employees sick. So the solution is obvious: promote health in your workplace to keep your team healthy and in the office. Keep Employees

Hire a Professional

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Gwenlin Property Solutions is your go to business for all your home and business cleaning needs. Their trusted, highly trained professional teams can provide in home or business services including mats that need washing, janitorial service, snow removal, windows, landscaping and mulching are all categories that they can fulfill professionally. Windows Washing windows is a dreaded chore and if you have lots of windows in your home or business, it will take you a long time to clean all of them.  With winter approaching, now is the time to think about hiring someone to clean those windows for you. Cleaning Service Whether you need someone in your home a couple times a week for specific cleaning projects or you need a janitorial service for your business, Gwenlin can help you.  They consider their customers their number 1 priority and provide world-class service.  Carpet cleaning, maid service, laundry, kitchens, bathrooms, and just general straightening are all possible. Janitorial Service Gwenlin’s janitors

Shoveling Snow and Heart Attacks

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According to the Harvard Health Blog, estimates say around 100 people – mostly men – because they do most of the snow removal, die during or just after shoveling snow each year in the US.  Between 1981 and 2014, researchers studied a significant number of hospital admissions and deaths due to heart attack. The Deeper the Snow, the More Deaths They found that the deeper the snow, the more men were admitted to hospitals for heart attacks and the more died.  Similarly, the longer it snowed, the higher the rates of heart attacks and related deaths among men.  And shoveling isn’t the only culprit.  Pushing a heavy snow blower can also cause attacks. Heart Disease is a High Risk If you already have heart disease or are at risk for it, you should be wary of shoveling your own snow.  But this phenomenon also happens to men who have no known heart issues and, to a lesser degree, women who

Clean Windows

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Image by Sebastian Ganso from Pixabay As the year transitions from summer to fall, now is the perfect time to think about getting the windows in your home or business cleaned.  This is really a major project if you have many windows and could take a couple of weekends if you do it yourself.  You probably have better things to do on weekends this time of year, so hire a professional cleaning service to do the job for you. Best Cleaning Practices Professional services have unique ways to clean your windows.  They have the best solutions, the ladders, sponges, etc. and the personnel to do the job well and quickly. It’s well worth your time to have them do this for you and you will so enjoy being able to see out those fresh clean windows. Screens & Frames Professionals not only clean the windows, but they clean the screens, channels, and frames so that everything is sparkling.  Professional cleaners

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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Image by Michelle Maria at Pixabay Hardwood floors are very durable, but after a few years, they can begin to look old and tired.  Moving furniture, dogs running around the house, children with sharp toys, and harsh detergents all affect the finish on your floors. Do It Yourself? You could take on the job yourself, but it is a lot of backbreaking work.  You would need 4-5 different sanders to do the job. Renting a floor sander is required to get the best, smoothest surface but rental sanders are not as high quality as those of professionals.  You need a good shop vac to get all the dust removed also.   Sanding Sanding floors is something you have to have experience with in order to avoid ruining your floors.  You have to know if there is enough wood to sand.  Some older floors that have been refinished several times can become too thin to do again.  If you try to sand

Landscaping and Lawn Care

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August is the perfect time to look around the outside of your business and see if your landscape is reflecting your high standards of care. Present an Appealing First Impression Because you are busy running your business, you may not have time to keep up the trees, lawn, flowers and shrubs outside your business location.  The exterior of your business location is the first impression customers have of you and a weedy, messy outside area isn’t what you want customers to see when they visit you. Maintenance Do you need new trees or are the existing ones in need of pruning.  Trees that are allowed to go wild look very messy and may need some trimming to make them look neater and more attractive.  Shrubs are great outdoor interest, but they can become overgrown and cover windows and crowd other plants.  A landscape crew can take care of all these problems for you. Planting and Pruning Planting trees, shrubs, and

Hire a Professional to Clean Your Carpets

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When purchasing new carpet for your home or office, be sure to read the manufacturer’s warranty.  This will tell you what conditions the warranty will cover in the event of a carpet failure.  It will also tell you what conditions you must maintain as the carpet owner to keep from voiding the warranty. Use Professionals One of the first things a carpet manufacturer’s warranty tells you is to have the carpets cleaned by professional cleaners.  Requirements for professional cleaning range from every year to every two-three years.  Hire a professional and keep your receipts in case you have an issue and need to prove that you have followed the carpet cleaning requirements. Beware Carpet Warranty Failure to clean carpets properly can result in damage to the fibers and backing.  It may be tempting to clean them yourself, but beware, you may be voiding your carpet warranty.  Steam cleaners you rent from the grocery or big box store are not powerful

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