Image by Michelle Maria at Pixabay

Hardwood floors are very durable, but after a few years, they can begin to look old and tired.  Moving furniture, dogs running around the house, children with sharp toys, and harsh detergents all affect the finish on your floors.

Do It Yourself?

You could take on the job yourself, but it is a lot of backbreaking work.  You would need 4-5 different sanders to do the job. Renting a floor sander is required to get the best, smoothest surface but rental sanders are not as high quality as those of professionals.  You need a good shop vac to get all the dust removed also. 


Sanding floors is something you have to have experience with in order to avoid ruining your floors.  You have to know if there is enough wood to sand.  Some older floors that have been refinished several times can become too thin to do again.  If you try to sand this kind of floor, you may end up with holes in your hardwood and have to replace everything.  Sanders are heavy and take a good deal of strength to keep them going in the right direction.  Letting a sander get out of control will wreck your hardwood floors.  With the edge sander, if you hold it in one place too long, you may end up with a dip in your floor or circles that won’t come out.  Refinishing floors is one of the hardest DIY projects for homeowners to do, and there is serious danger of damaging the floors if you don’t know what you are doing.

 Staining and Poly

Staining and applying the top coat are very messy jobs. If the floors weren’t properly sanded and dust completely removed, the stain will not penetrate properly and the polyurethane will not adhere properly.  With this outcome, your floor finish won’t last as long as a professional job. Splotchy stain and variations in the polyurethane are not results you want for your hardwood floors.

 Hire a Professional

You might want to consider leaving it to the professionals.  They have much better equipment than you can rent and their expertise will make your floors shine again and you avoid all the back breaking, messy, work.  Floors done professionally last longer and look brand new.  And in the long run, the cost is only slightly more than DIY with much less risk.